Reward Program

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Ablauf des Vorteilprogramms:

  • Anmeldung zum Vorteilsprogramm
  • Einreichung der Testfotos
  • Anwendung der LeaLea-Creme
  • Heilungsverlauf nach 1 Woche
  • Heilungsverlauf nach 1 Monat
  • Heilungsverlauf nach 3 Monaten
  • Heilungsverlauf nach 6 Monaten
  • Erhalt der Belohnung
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Geben Sie hier Ihre E-Mail Adresse ein, die Sie bei Ihrer Bestellung angegeben haben sowie das Passwort, dass wir Ihnen in der Bestellbestätigungs-Email mitgesendet haben, um am Vorteilsprogramm teilzunehmen. Mit Teilnahme stimmen Sie der Veröffentlichung zu.

Sollten Sie Ihr Passwort vergessen haben, kontaktieren Sie bitte den Support.

Four quality guidelines for the photos

  1. Straight alignment Keep the phone or camera straight and not slanted. Whether you hold the camera or the phone in portrait or landscape mode does not matter.
  2. A lot of light: Make sure you have enough light. The best photos are taken in daylight or with a bright lamp. Make sure that the lighting situation is the same for all pictures over the period of 6 months.
  3. Large area: Choose an area in which the birthmark is clearly visible; not too close and not too far away. Always use the same area in all photos over the 6-month period, so that they are comparable.
  4. Sharp image: Focus the phone or camera on the birthmark or mole/wart. This must be in focus. Avoid blurring the picture.

Frequently asked Questions

Can I take pictures with my smartphone/mobile phone? Yes! The device doesn’t matter. You don’t need professional equipment. It is important that you comply with our four quality criteria. Keep the phone straight, provide plenty of light, choose a big enough image area, and take a sharp photo. You can upload the pictures directly from your mobile phone onto this page. Log in first. I want to treat multiple birthmarks/moles/warts.Can I document all of these with photos? Yes, you can upload up to 3 images for each phase. When do I receive my reward? Immediately after the last photo has been uploaded and shared. In total you will need to upload seven good-quality images of the same treatment area in 6 months, which will be reviewed by us. If an image does not meet our quality guidelines, we will send you a reason and you have the opportunity to take a new photo and upload. Where are the pictures published? The publication takes place on our website Can I protect my face and my name? Upon request we will pixelate your face and anonymize your name. So your name will be displayed in shortened form. Max Mustermann will become Max M. We protect your person. Our concern is only to show the treatment and the healing process.