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Please note that the results may vary for different people. If you are not satisfied with the result, we offer you our 90-day money back guarantee. Here you can find more information about the guarantee!

Nell’s review

“I would like to thank the Lealea Creme team wholeheartedly. Through you, I have discovered a new self-confident side of me, my birthmarks put a lot of stress on me and I was limited by them in everyday life and in my choice of clothes. I did not want anyone to see them, because I was ashamed of them. The shipping went fast and also the application was described perfectly. I would always order the product again instead of visiting the dermatologist, because I had bad experiences with the birthmark removal there. Because since then I have a scar that definitely will not remain after my use of Lealea cream.”
Nell K., January 2016

Manuela’s review

“I am very impressed by your product! Somehow I still can not believe that it was so easy to remove my birthmark, and that it is gone now – I have to get used to it first 😉
Until recently, I did not know that you can remove a birthmark with a “cream”.

I came across the product on the Internet by accident, and the ingredients of the cream, and that it is a pure natural product, and also the money-back guarantee of dissatisfaction, have convinced me to give it a try.”

Manuela K., January 2016

“I am very satisfied with the treatment with the LeaLea cream. It has become so good I was looking forward to the result: blush: Melle Hornauer”

Melle H., May 2016

“Short and sweet: the LeaLea treatment set was mailed to me on credit. After a first great euphoria after receiving the treatment set, I lost my courage. Suddenly I was unsure and had doubts whether I was doing the right thing. Only four weeks after receiving the LeaLea cream, I finally overcame my concerns and my anxiety and carried out the treatment. But as it turned out, my fear was completely unfounded.
Never before have I been able to experience that a provider of a product is so concerned and interested in serving the clientele to their fullest satisfaction. That’s really great – a big compliment.
On the 10th day after the treatment, the mole or scab fell off. What a great moment when I found the black spot or scab on my white T-shirt! Initially, after the scab had dropped off, the skin was still slightly red and I supported this healing process on the recommendation of LeaLea with the daily care of the affected area of ​​the skin with an Aloe Vera Concentrate cream. Meanwhile, the affected area has healed so beautifully, that is, the skin has recovered so well that you cannot even say exactly where the liver spot was. Just awesome!
Due to my positive experience with you and the LeaLea cream, I will definitely recommend you anytime and at any time.
Best regards and a greaaaaat big thank you.”

Arlette A., March 2016
“Everything went much faster than expected, and the healing process is going well too. One of the best products on the market. I came across LeaLea only by accident, looking for information on removing moles from a dermatologist. Definitely recommended and worth the money. I’m super happy with the result.
Regine H., January 2016

„”I’m thankful that LeaLea is there, because I’m blessed with many birthmarks all over the body, around 300. With LeaLea, I’ve gone 16 times in total, including three that I’m particularly” suffering from. ” Two of them were on my face and so big that I had to cover them with my hair. Of course, as soon as the wind blew, you could spot them and I felt bad every time. I could not have them treated by laser, because they were too flat. So I had no choice but to settle for the whole thing. Coincidentally, I read on the internet about LeaLea and all the testimonials. I was immediately excited and ordered two crucibles. I must mention that my healing process lasted longer and I have a very sensitive skin. In addition, I must say that one should necessarily treat the skin with an aloe vera product, which is also recommended. II first bought one that I discovered in the health food store; I cannot recommend it, as the healing takes longer.

II will definitely buy more LeaLea crucibles, because I want to remove some of my 300 moles. It is an amazing feeling to no longer see the two birthmarks in my face. You can still see a slight redness, sometimes only two white borders, which adapt so slowly to the skin. Thank you for this great product.

Sandra S., April 2016
“We did the treatment 4 weeks ago and we must say, so far this is a great success!”
Bernd H., January 2016
“I am still very satisfied and will order another pack soon! I’m just waiting until the red spots have shrunk a bit. You can observe how the red spots shrink from the outside to the inside. In some places where I had very small moles, nothing remained after only two weeks! But I also had some big moles, it takes a little longer, of course. It is also quite normal, because of the size! All in all, I removed 17 moles (3 small, 10 medium, 4 big) with the last treatment. That’s just terrific! Now I have several small and flat birthmarks, about 2-3 mm in size, which I will remove with my next treatment!
For me, this is a total liberation, the annoying medical appointments, especially the time, striptease of the soul, scarring, going back-because the birthmark was not properly removed …! The procedure is simply over, and I can remove more moles without scarring. No dermatologist has done a job as good as this! Wow! Really a great product, I feel more beautiful and no longer desperate! Thank you!”
Heiko P., March 2016

” I have ordered the product twice already. The shipping went very fast, the set was put together professionally; among other things, disinfectant is included. I used the product for the first time on two medium-sized spots that were removed completely.. For other smaller moles I ordered again and was again very satisfied, after about a week there was no more crust on the spots, then only red spots were visible, which faded with time. After about 4 months there are no differences to the rest of the skin. Unfortunately, I did not take pictures of the spots, I can only recommend the product because of the good effect and easy handling. I will gladly buy the product for other small spots.”

Jana H., April 2016

“I had a small birthmark on the left of my neck and a slightly larger one on the right …
Of the smaller one, nothing can be seen any more , while the bigger one is disappearing fast.
The wounds of 2 other, really large moles (5mm diameter) on my back can still be clearly seen, , but that’s normal, I think. I know, from a burn on the hand; it also took a while before it was almost invisible.
I am satisfied and can recommend the product.”

Uwe M., April 2016

Annika’s review

“Because of my fear of injections, blood and surgery, I have lived with my unloved birthmarks as long as I can remember. I have a lot of them all over my body. A particularly prominent, very light one directly on my eyebrow and thus always visible has disturbed me very much. (See photo gallery)
By coincidence I ended up on the homepage of Lea Lea Cream. The photos and reviews fascinated me, but I really could not imagine it works. That easy? Why doesn’t anybody know about it and why doesn’t any doctor not tell you about it?
So I ordered it and thought, if it doesn’t work, I have a money back guarantee – I wanted to use it in any case.
But what should I say? It actually works! Just as described. I successfully removed 3 large and 20 small moles with a small pot of Lea Lea Cream It burns a little when you apply it, but it is really good to endure and takes only about 5 minutes. After 20 minutes, remove the cream again and the treated area is much darker, or black. The result is a scab, which falls off after a few days or sometimes only after one to two weeks. After that, only a lighter or reddish spot can be seen, which becomes less visible from day to day. That’s it – really easy!
I am very happy to have found Lea Lea and go through the world with much more confidence without my unloved moles.

Thank you Lea Lea! “

Annika, September 2015

Some reviews that have arrived by e-mail:

I would like to express a huge thank you for such a great product. I had a big mole next to my nose for 10 years and really hated it. I was afraid to have it surgically removed like my mother did. The procedure included some injections on my face that I couldn’t stand.

So I bought and tried all sorts of other products, concoctions on Ebay, herbal remedies, and also DermaTend. They changed the color of my mole but did not manage to remove it. I bought this product last and was about to give up. My mole was pretty big and voluminous. I was not convinced that this cream would be able to remove the mole.

I am not lying to you when I say one should not be squeamish when using this cream. You need to be familiar with your body because the mole can change color, the stinging can hurt,and the crust feels weird before it falls off. After the first application, not much happened, so I used it again for a few more days, and this time it seemed to work properly, albeit with a strong sting during treatment. IThe packaging leaflet stated that it may take up to 3 weeks for the crust to fall off but mine already dropped off after 5 days. At the end of the week it was already very easy and hard, so I helped a bit (childishly, I know), but it was fine and seemed to have caught the whole mole. Underneath, only a small indication of reddened skin could be seen. After that, I immediately began treating the spot with aloe vera every night, and it was amazing how fast the healing progressed, as if it had never been there. II write reviews and reviews usually are a bit critical, but this time I can only report positively. I regret not taking a few photos, but I expected that it wouldn’t work. If you have already tried everything and suffer from a large birthmark, then try this! O yeah, if there had not been a 30-day money-back guarantee, I probably would not have bought the product. In any case, thank you. I love my new look and my new self-confidence!

Heike, August 2015, Hamburg

Thank you, I have been trying for 10 years to get rid of a plantar wart (sole wart), and, thank God, found her product. It actually worked and it complied with what was promised on the website. I consulted with my doctor about my plantar wart several times, but without results. It bothers me that this product works so well and it was not even suggested to me. Anyway, if someone out there wants to get rid of a wart, especially a plantar, which is damn hard to remove, your product is the only one I would recommend. Try it out. It may seem a little expensive, but it works, even the first time. Thanks again.

Christa, Luzern, July 2015

I just want to say a huge thank you. The shipping went amazingly fast and the service is top notch. I wish I had taken before/after pictures, but I was so disgusted with my armpit. I had about 18-20 skin tags under my arms, but now dare to announce that they are a thing of the past.
I used a total of 4 packs to get rid of them, but it was still cheaper than having them removed. I’ve tried other treatments over the past two years – with no result. In one pack, the cream was a little dried, but a new pack was immediately sent, no questions asked .
It feels great and I cannot thank you enough. I will always recommend you and hopefully will no longer have to use it myself. I’m glad to finally have found a product that really works. Have i said “thank you’, yet?

Peter, Stuttgart, March 2015

I bought the product 2 months ago. I had two moles and one skin tag, but after 3 weeks, there was no trace of the mole and skin tag. The product is a real bargain. I therefore give the product 5 stars.

Silvia, Wolfsberg, March 2015

Re: Just thank you

Thanks alot. I have applied your product to a mole that I had had for years. I could not imagine having my mole cut out and was told that was the only way. The treatment was painless with your product and the mole fell off within 12 days. Thanks again. Please do not hesitate to put this message on your website.

Ursula, Augsburg, January 2015

Rachel’s review

Thank you for such a wonderful product !! I still have some red spots, but they seem to get lighter every day. I apply a scar cream against the possible making of a scar. I removed three moles from my face that had bothered me for some time. I have two kids and on each pregnancy the hormones seemed to make the moles bigger. My moles were always the first thing I saw in photographs, and I hated them! Granted, I have a few more that I want to get rid of. I’m extremely happy with the result of the three I already removed. All three had a respectable size and it only needed a single treatment !! II started on 01.07. and it stung a bit, but not very badly, all got black within 30 minutes or so. It made a slight swelling, but after about a day it was back to normal. Of course I hoped they would drop off within a week, but it took longer. The first fell off on 13.07, the next one on the following day, and the last one on 17.07. I applied vitamin E oil during healing even after the scab had dropped off. As I already said, the areas are still a bit red, but it looks better every day. II don’t know if the redness will disappear completely (hope, hope, hope), but if I have to cover it a bit (which I do) for a while, that’s nothing compared to the moles I’ve hated for so many years.
I recommend your product to many and will buy more to get rid of my other moles My sister’s wedding is in three weeks, and that was the main reason why I decided to remove them – for the wedding pictures !!! I do not want them in the pictures. Needless to say, I’m more than happy!
PS: Of course I only washed my face on the “before” pictures and I do not wear any makeup … NICE !!! I use skinners on the paint, so you cannot see the redness.

Rachel’s follow-up letter

You know, actually, I had already forgotten how much I hated my moles until I saw the earlier pictures again !! Until July, they were on my forehead, over my lip and on the edge of my chin and mow I have only one small mark where the birthmark was over my lip, In the other places, one cannot even see that there used to be any. This product is fantastic!! Since then, I have recommended it to several friends who also used it. I decided to apply it again, this time on two moles the left side of my chin. I admit I was not as careful about healing them as I was with the previous ones. You can still see redness. I don’t know if the redness will disappear over time or if it was because I didn’t use Mederma & Vitamin E as I did with the first three. I am EXTREMELY SATISFIED with your product and can not praise it higher than I already do! I’m just stunned! There is a miracle in the glass! It worked wonders for my self-confidence! After two pregnancies in a row and the hormonal surges, my moles grew and grew and I hated them so much! Now that they are gone, I feel like another person! I know I have other moles, but I like them, they show character … one needs a few beauty spots! I just did not want the rollercoaster in my face anymore.

Thanks again for the wonderful product. If someone would like to ask me questions, I will gladly allow you to pass on my email.