The application of LeaLea cream is done at home in 8 easy steps. You will receive all necessary utensils in the package. The package leaflet also contains an application description. In addition, you will find detailed instructions with pictures on our website after your purchase.

How does the application and the effect of LeaLea cream work?

Step 1: Cleaning, soaking and disinfecting

Clean the application area with soap and water. IIn case of a wart, submerge it for 10-20 minutes. Then disinfect the treatment site with the colloidal silver supplied.

Step 2: Removal, roughening and/or scratching

Birthmarks, moles and other skin problems not only can develop on the skin surface but also can grow into deeper skin layers. By roughening the area of ​​application, the high-dose plant extracts can penetrate to the root and completely remove the skin problem.

In case of a wart you remove the upper skin layers. roughen the area of ​​application with the file supplied and/or scrape the area of ​​application with the sterile, stainless lancets supplied, to improve the absorption of the cream.

Step 3: Applying the cream

Apply the cream thinly to the birthmark/mole, wart or skin disorder with the applicator stick. supplied.

Make sure that the cream does not come on the surrounding skin. If you accidentally apply the cream to unwanted areas of the skin, remove it immediately with a cotton swab.

Step 4: Apply the cream for 20 minutes and wipe

Leave the cream on for 20 minutes until redness appears around the treatment site. The high-dose plant extracts now cause a natural cauterization of the cell tissue. That is warts, liver spots, moles and other skin disorders are etched by the action of the plant extracts. Therefore, a slight stinging pain (slight burning)may occur at the treated site, but it is tolerable and disappears after 10-15 minutes. After 20 minutes, gently wipe off the cream.

Note: After wiping, the skin may still be red, which disappears within the next few hours.

The cream also has an antiviral effect, minimizing warts’ reoccurrence.

Step 5: Redness, crusting and new formation of the skin

Within the next 48 hours, a black, hard crust is created. The birthmark, mole, wart or skin problem is already beginning to decongest.

Therefore, a small depression may occur at the treated site. This is done by the action of the plant extract and is completely normal, because new skin tissue forms underneath..

Step 6: Crust comes off

Wait 1-3 weeks (up to 5 weeks are normal for larger, multi-layered moles/birthmarks /warts/skin conditions) until the crust naturally dissolves and falls off.

Do not remove or scrape off the brown / black crust prematurely, otherwise the healing process will be worsened and slowed down. Scars or blemishes can even be caused. Be careful and patient until the crust falls off by itself. Be careful and patient, therefore, until the crust falls off by itself. It is rejected by the body on its own when the underlying skin has completely reformed.

Note: You can move normally and do sports, as long as if the treatment site is not affected or the crust may detach prematurely. Be careful not to scratch the crust. You can also use a plaster for protection.

Step 7: Young red skin and daily aftercare Immediately after the falling-off of the scab,

the newly formed young skin is still very well supplied with blood, which makes it appear red. The color will again adjust to its environment within the next 2 to 24 weeks.

For faster and better healing, we recommend regularly applying vitamin E oil or pure aloe vera gel to the treatment site.

This is a general description of the method and effects. After purchase you will receive a detailed step-by-step guide, especially for your skin problem. Whether you want to remove small moles / moles, flat liver spots / moles, raised moles, stubborn plantar warts, warts, common warts, skin appendages / skin growths or syringomas, we have created detailed instructions with pictures to help you easily and safely remove your skin problem at home. .