Benefits program

Procedure of reward program:

  • Registration to the reward program
  • Submission of the test pictures
  • Application of the LeaLea cream
  • healing process after 1 week
  • healing process after 1 month
  • healing process after 3 months
  • healing process after 6 months
  • Receipt of reward
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Participate now and get your reward!

Please enter the same email address which you used for your order and the password which you received with your order confirmation to participate at the reward program. With the participation you agree with the publication of your pictures.

If you have forgotten your password, please contact our support.

4 quality guidelines for the photos

  1. Alignment straight
    Hold the phone or camera straight and not at an angle. It doesn’t matter whether you hold the camera or the mobile phone in portrait or landscape format.
  2. Lots of light:
    Make sure there is enough light. The photos are best in daylight or with a bright lamp. Make sure that the light situation is the same for all pictures over the period of 6 months.
  3. Large section:
    Choose a section where the birthmark can be clearly seen; not too close and not too far away. Always use the same section for all pictures over the period of 6 months so that they can be compared with each other.
  4. Clear image:
    Focus the cell phone or camera on the birthmark or mole. This must be shown in focus. Avoid blurring the image.

frequently asked Questions

Can I take the pictures with my smartphone / mobile phone?
Yes! The device doesn’t matter. You don’t need any professional equipment. It is important that you adhere to our 4 quality criteria. Hold your phone upright, make sure there is plenty of light, frame the picture large enough, and take a clear picture. You can upload the images to this page directly from your mobile phone. To do this, log in beforehand.

I am treating several birthmarks / moles, can I document them all with photos?
Yes, you can upload up to 3 images for each phase.

When will I get my reward?
Immediately after the last photo has been uploaded and shared. In total, you have to upload 7 good quality images from the same treatment center in 6 months, which are checked by us. If a picture does not meet our quality guidelines, we will send you a reason and you have the opportunity to take a new photo and upload it.

Where are the images published?
The publication takes place on our website

Can I protect my face and name?
Upon request, we will pixelate your face and anonymize your name. Your name is shown in abbreviated form, Max Mustermann becomes Max M. We protect your person. We only want to show the treatment and the healing process.