Before the purchase

LeaLea can be used for the removal of a mole/birthmark up to (4/5” or 2 cm in diameter). Or you can remove 2-5 large growths (1/4” or 5 mm) or 5-25 smaller growths (1/16” or 2 mm).

Yes, you can use LeaLea cream for all kinds of birthmarks/moles, whether big, small, dark, light, flat, or raised.

Yes, you can use LeaLea cream on your face.

However, in order to become familiar with the application, we recommend that you first apply it to less exposed places on the body a few times. If that is successful, you should first treat only one birthmark on the face. You can also reduce the application time from 20 to 10-15 minutes since the skin in the face is more sensitive.

After treatment, the most important thing is that you give the skin time. The skin on the spot will turn red and it usually takes between 1-6 months to regain its natural skin tone. The duration of this depends heavily on your skin type. In some cases, this can take 6-12 months. Unfortunately, scarring can never be ruled out completely.

If you carefully read the package leaflet and the application description, you find the best conditions for a successful treatment with very good results. If in doubt, contact our support team, who will advise you on the correct application.

Yes you can. Often it is also asked if the hair grows at the treated site. Hair growth is not affected.

When treating the skin, scarring can never be completely ruled out, no matter which method you use to remove the skin disorder. The possibility of scarring is far less than with a surgical procedure or laser surgery by a dermatologist, however, which almost always leaves a scar.

If you carefully read the package leaflet and the application description, you have the best conditions for a successful treatment with very good results. If in doubt, contact our support team, who will assist you with the correct application.

The important thing is that you give the skin time. After the treatment, the skin will turn red at the spot and take between 1-12 months to rejturn to the natural skin tone. The duration of this depends greatly on their skin type and body location.

Use pure aloe vera gel or pure vitamin E oil to accelerate and improve the healing process.

The cream works locally only directly at the spot treated. The possible side effects therefore only affect the treatment site.

On sensitive skin areas, such as the face, neck or chest, short-term redness can occur and the burnt scab (necrosis) can be twice as large as the actual birthmark or mole but disappears again after a while.

In very rare cases, scarring may occur or the treated area may become inflamed and secondary infection may occur.

If inflammation forms and begins to wet, normal wound healing is not given anymore. In this case one can remove the necrosis with hydrogel from the pharmacy. Hydrogel cleanses the wound and promotes healing as it moisturizes the wound. Dress the wound at least three times daily with clean gauze, sterile compresses or other wound dressing.

If the application is performed differently than recommended here or the scab is removed too early, always expect a blemish or a scar to result.

People with known immunodeficiencies or healing abnormalities, such as keloid scars, should consult a physician before using this product. In case of unforeseen complications you should also consult a doctor.

In most cases, use of the product will result in a minor and temporary flaw, which usually disappears within 90 days.

LeaLea can be used for the removal of a mole/birthmark up to (3/4 or 2 cm in diameter). Or you can remove 2-5 large growths (1/4” or 5 mm) or 5-25 smaller growths (1/16” or 2 mm).

No, LeaLea is only suitable for use starting from the age of 18 years and not intended for use in children and teenagers.

We advise against the use of LeaLea during pregnancy and lactation because we do not want to expose your unborn child to unnecessary risk due to possible complications and the associated stress. After breastfeeding, you can use LeaLea again.

The cream is usable for up to 1 year if stored well, dry and cool.

Before the application

At first glance, the cream can may seem empty, however, you will find it in a small recess under the lid. Simply turn the can over, then you will see the cream. The can was intentionally made larger for easier handling.

Yes, you can still use the cream and soften it again. Use the applicator stick to add a very small drop of water. Stir again until a thick consistency is achieved. You can then apply the cream again. However, if the cream has been diluted too much (very liquid), the effect may be reduced.

Be very careful that the cream does not come into direct contact with the eye during application and during the exposure time of 20 minutes. If the right care is taken, an application can also be made in the near-eye area.

These are lancets. The plastic head on the top can be turned off, so one can take out a sterile needle with which one can roughen the thick tissue in the case of foot warts.

The entire mole/birthmark should be covered, and with a raised birthmark the sides should be covered as well. The cream does not have to be applied very thick in order to be effective.

  1. Read the package leaflet and the application description carefully and follow the application steps point after point. Almost 95% of incorrect treatment for which the desired effect does not occur is based on insufficient reading of the package leaflet.
  1. Wait until the scab falls off by itself. Do not try to remove it too early, otherwise it will most likely cause scarring. It is no problem if the scab gets wet while bathing or showering. Afterwards gently dab the area with a dry towel.
  1. After the scab has fallen off, you can protect the newly formed skin and support it, e.g. with vitamin E oil. Protect it from excessive sunlight – for example with a bandaid. Also, if possible, do not apply any care products containing chemical ingredients. Of course, you can do sports without restriction if there is no irritation of the treatment site.
  2. Eat healthy. Take many healthy fats such as coconuts, avocados, chia seeds, hemp seeds or flax seed or nuts such as walnuts or cashews. Avoid excessive consumption of animal products, fast foods, sweets and processed foods. Instead, focus primarily on fresh, wholesome plant foods. Diet plays an essential role in building up body cells. If you assemble a car from inferior parts, do not expect it to look and run the way you want it to. It’s the same with humans.

If you follow all these steps, you have the best chances for very good results.

During the application

If bleeding occurs during roughening or scratching, wait until bleeding stops completely. Apply the cream only then.

If accidental contact occurs, simply remove the cream with a cotton swab and wash immediately with clean water.

A reddened skin around the application area is a natural sign that the healing process has started. The redness usually disappears after a short time.

In the event that you do not feel any burning sensation on the treated area of ​​the skin, this means that the LeaLea cream could not affect the tissue of your wart/ mole/ birthmark. The application will fail in this case, or will show only partial success.

Certain types of warts/moles/birthmarks are very persistent. It often helps if you soak them in warm water for 20-30 minutes before you start roughening. Otherwise, simply scratch harder to roughen the outermost layer of thick skin so the cream can penetrate the skin. Then apply the cream again.

If there is thick skin on the wart, it must be softened and removed before use. The cream does NOT work through a thick layer.

Treated warts/birthmarks/ moles transform into a scab, which turns dark brown or black. The dark area can sometimes be larger than the birthmark itself. This is a normal effect of cauterization. Take care not to prematurely remove this “scorched” scab, otherwise scarring may occur. Allow the scab to fall off naturally within the next 1-3 weeks.

After the application

It was reported to us that moles only come back in extremely rare cases. This has happened but it’s an exception.

If the wound is wet or infected, the normal healing process has stopped. This happens extremely rarely but unfortunately it can happen. In that case, please contact our support. We will then try to help you with our experience or recommend you visit a dermatologist for further treatment. In this case you can of course make use of the money back guarantee.

Pink skin or red tissue is normal after the scab has fallen off. The skin over the spot is simply very thin and very well supplied with blood. The pink skin, however, will eventually return to the usual natural skin color. Different skin tones usually balance each other within 30-90 days. However, some people may need to adjust their skin tones for up to 1 year.

You can start after the scab has fallen off. Apply vitamin E oil once a day to support the skin in the healing process.

You can move normally, do sports, or even go to the sauna if the treatment site is not affected or the scab may come off too early. Be careful not to scratch the scab. Water sports in which the scab softens excessively should be avoided until the scab has fallen off. This also applies to contact sports in which the scab may be accidentally removed by an external impact. The scab should fall off naturally, like a crust. Otherwise, you can also apply a band aid over it for protection.

Too much sunlight (UV radiation) on the treated area may delay the healing process. Just apply a band-aid over it if you stay in the sun for a long time.

If the scab is still on the treated area, we advise against using make-up because the skin is still in the process of healing and there are many cosmetics with ingredients that delay or worsen the healing process. If you still want to paint cosmetics over the area, use the best of gentle natural cosmetics. Please take care when removing make-up not to use any aggressive make-up remover containing alcohol and similar. Alternatively, you can apply a small band-aid over it to cover the scab.
If the scab has already fallen off you can put make-up over the spot. We also advise you to use natural cosmetics or alternatively to treat the site with Aloe Vera.

If you have another question, please contact as here. We will answer you as fast as possible.