The testimonials from our customers describe successes, but sometimes also initial concerns. If you want, we can put you in touch with the individual people. Contact us about this here .

Birthmarks were very stressful for me – now I’ve discovered my self-confident side!

“I would like to thank the LeaLea Creme team from the bottom of my heart. Through you I have discovered a new, self-confident side of myself, my moles have burdened me a lot and they have restricted me in everyday life and in my choice of clothing. I didn’t want anyone to see them because I was ashamed of it. The cream was shipped quickly and the application was also described perfectly. I would order the product again and again and prefer it over a visit to the dermatologist because I had bad experiences with the removal of moles there. Because since then I’ve had a scar that the Lealea Creme definitely won’t leave behind. “
– Nell K.

The money-back guarantee convinced me to give it a try

Very impressed with your product! Somehow I still can’t believe that I was able to remove my birthmark so easily and that it’s gone now – I have to get used to that 😉
Until recently, I also didn’t know that you can remove a birthmark with a “cream”.

I came across the product by chance on the Internet, and the ingredients of the cream and that it is a purely natural product, along with the money-back guarantee in the event of dissatisfaction,  convinced me to try it out. “

– Manuela K., December 2019

Very happy with the cream!

“I am very satisfied with the treatment with LeaLea, it turned out so well, I was really looking forward to the result!
– Melle H., October 2019

4 weeks after receipt, fear was overcome and now it has healed so nicely that you can no longer even say exactly where the mole was

“After prepayment, the LeaLea treatment set was sent to me quickly and reliably by post. After a first great euphoria after receiving the treatment set, I lost my courage. Suddenly I was unsure and had doubts whether I was doing the right thing? It wasn’t until four weeks after receiving the LeaLea cream that I finally overcame my concerns and fear and carried out the treatment. But as it turned out, my fear was completely unnecessary.
I have never been able to experience that a supplier of a product is so concerned and interested in serving the customer to their fullest satisfaction. That’s really, really great – a huge compliment.
On the 10th day after the treatment, the mole or scab fell off. What a great moment when I found the black scab on my white T-shirt! Initially, after the scab had fallen off, the skin was still slightly reddened and, on the recommendation of LeaLea, I supported this healing process with the daily care of the affected skin area with a pure Aloe Vera Gel. In the meantime, the affected area has healed so nicely, that is, the skin has recovered so well that you can no longer even say exactly where the mole was. Just awesome!
Based on my positive experience with you and the LeaLea cream, I will definitely recommend you to others at any time and on any occasion.
Best regards and a very big thank you. “
– Arlette A., June 2019

One of the best products on the market and well worth the money!

“It  Everything went much faster than expected and the healing process is also going very well. One of the best products on the market. I’m just looking for information about the  Removal of birthmarks by a dermatologist encountered LeaLea.  Definitely recommended and well worth the money.  I am super happy with the result. “
– Regine H., January 2019

It’s an amazing feeling not to see the two marks on your face anymore!

“I am grateful that LeaLea exists, because I am really blessed with many birthmarks all over my body, around 300. With LeaLea I have removed a total of 16, including three that I particularly“ suffered ”from. Two of them were in the face and so big that I had to and could cover them with my hair. As soon as the wind blew, of course, you could spot them and I always felt bad. I couldn’t have them lasered because they were too flat. So I had no choice but to come to terms with the whole thing. By chance I read about LeaLea and all the testimonials on the Internet, I was immediately enthusiastic and ordered two jars. I have to mention that my healing process took longer and I have very sensitive skin. I also have to say that you should definitely treat the skin with an aloe vera product, which is also recommended. I bought one first that I discovered in a health food store, I cannot recommend it as it takes longer to heal.
I will definitely buy more LeaLea creams because I still want to remove some more. It is an amazing feeling not to see the two marks on the face anymore, you can still see a slight reddening, sometimes only two white borders that slowly adapt to the skin. Thank you for the great product.
– Sandra S., April 2018

Great success after 4 weeks

“We carried out the treatment 4 weeks ago and you have to say that it has been a great success so far!”
– Bernd H., January 2019

17 birthmarks removed – for me a total relief without annoying doctor’s appointments and without scars

“I am still very satisfied and will soon place another order! I’m just waiting for the red spots to clear and become smaller. You can watch it  reduce the red areas from the outside to the inside. On some  Places where I had very small birthmarks there’s already nothing left behind  nothing to see for two weeks! But I also had some bigger birthmarks, of course it takes a little longer there. Its also quite normal  because of the size! I removed a total of 17 birthmarks (3 small, 10 medium, 4 large) in the last treatment, that’s terrific! Now I still have several small and flat birthmarks, approx.  2-3 mm in size, I will remove it during my next treatment!
For me this is a total liberation, the annoying doctor’s appointments, above all  the time, fear of getting scars, going back again – because the birthmark was not removed properly …! The procedure is simply over  and I can remove more moles without scarring, no  Dermatologist got rid of that just as well! Wow! Really a great product,  I feel more beautiful and no longer desperate!  Thanks!”

– Heiko P., March 2018

Ordered for the 2nd time – I can only recommend the product because of the good effect and ease of use

I have already ordered the product twice. It was shipped very quickly, the set is professionally put together; among other things, disinfectant is supplied. I used the product for the first time for 2 medium-sized spots that have been completely removed. For other smaller ones I ordered it again and was again very satisfied, after about a week there was no more crust on the spots, after that only red marks were visible, which have faded with increasing time. After approx. 4 months there are no differences to the rest of the skin. Unfortunately, I have not taken any photos of the places, I can only recommend the product because of the good effect and ease of use. I will be happy to buy the product for other small jobs.
– Jana H., April 2018

Small birthmark on the neck and larger birthmark on the back removed – I am very satisfied

“I  I had a small birthmark on the left neck and a slightly larger one on the right …
Nothing can be seen of the small one, the place of the larger one  disappears more and more.
I have 2 more, bigger moles (5mm diameter) on the back  you can still see the wounds, but that’s also normal I think. That was about a burn on the hand that took a while to get used to but I am satisfied and can recommend the product. “
– Uwe M., January 2018

Lived with birthmarks for a long time due to my fear of injections, blood and surgery. Now I am happy to have found LeaLea and go through the world with a lot more self-confidence

“Because of my fear of injections, blood and surgery, I have lived with my unloved birthmarks for as long as I can remember. I have a lot of them all over my body. A particularly protruding, very light color directly on the eyebrow and therefore always visible bothered me a lot. (see photo gallery)
By chance I ended up on the Lea Lea Creme homepage at some point. The photos and testimonials intrigued me, but I really couldn’t imagine it would work. So easy? Why doesn’t anyone know about it and why doesn’t a doctor tell you about it?
So I ordered it and thought to myself, if it doesn’t work, I have a money-back guarantee – I wanted to use that in any case.
but what should I say? It actually works! Just as described. I successfully removed 3 larger and 20 small moles with a small pot of Lea Lea Creme! It burns a little when applied, but it is really easy to bear and only lasts about 5 minutes. After 20 minutes you remove the cream again and the treated area is much darker or black. A scab develops, which falls off after a few days or sometimes even after a week or two. After that, only a lighter or reddish spot can be seen, which is less visible from day to day. That was really easy!
I am very happy to have found Lea Lea and go through the world with a lot more self-confidence without my unloved moles.

Thank you Lea Lea! “

– Annika, September 2017

Video / experience report from Andreas

Already tried a lot and convinced that LeaLea cannot remove my big mole, but it worked and I regret I didn’t take any photos

I want to say a huge thank you for such a great product. I had a big mole next to my nose for 10 years and I really hated it. I was afraid to have it surgically removed like my mother. During the procedure, a few injections were made on the face which I couldn’t have endured.

So I bought and tried all sorts of other products, mixtures from Ebay, herbal remedies and also DermaTend. They changed the color of my mole but failed to remove it. I bought this product last and was about to give up. My mole  was quite big and voluminous. I wasn’t convinced that this cream wouldn’t be able to remove the mole.

I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t easy going about using this cream. You need to be familiar with your body because the mole can change color, the stinging can be painful, and the crust feels weird before it falls off. Not much happened after the initial application, so I re-applied it for a few more days and this time it seemed to work properly, with a strong sting during treatment. In the package insert it was stated that it can take up to 3 weeks for the crust to fall off, but mine already fell off after 5 days. By the end of the week it was already very easy and tough so I helped a little (childish, I know) but it was fine and seemed to have hit the entire mole. Below there was only a small part of reddened skin. After that I immediately started treating the area with aloe vera every evening and it was really amazing how fast the healing progressed, as if it had never been there. I usually write reviews a bit critical, but this time I can only report positive things. I regret not taking any photos, but I was expecting it not to work. If you’ve tried everything and suffered from a large mole, give this a try! Well, if there hadn’t been a 90 day money back guarantee, I probably wouldn’t have bought the product. Anyway, thank you very much. I love the new sight and my new self-confidence!

– Heike, August 2016, Hamburg

I have been trying to get rid of a plantar wart for 10 years and with LeaLea I finally did it

“Thank you, I’ve been trying to get rid of a wart for 10 years and thank god I found your product. It actually worked and it delivered what was promised on the website. I have been to my doctor several times in this regard, but without getting any results. It bothers me that this product works so well and it wasn’t even suggested to me. Anyway, if anyone out there is looking to get rid of a wart, especially a foot wart which is damn hard to remove, your product is the only one I recommend. Try it out. It may seem a little expensive, but it works, even the first time. Thanks again.”
– Christa, Lucerne, July 2016

I’m glad I finally found a product that really works and removes my skin tags from under my arms

“I just want to say a huge thank you. Shipping was amazingly quick and the service is first class. I wish I had taken before / after pictures, but I was so disgusted with my armpit. I had about 18-20 skin tags under my arms, but now I proudly announce that these are a thing of the past.
I used a total of 4 packs to get rid of all of them, but it was still cheaper than getting them removed. I have tried other treatment methods in the past two years – with no result. In 1 pack, the cream was a little dried out, but a new pack was sent to me immediately without asking.
I was finally able to enjoy the beautiful weather this summer without hesitation and without worrying about small children asking what these things are. It feels great and I can’t thank you guys enough. I will always recommend you and I will hopefully never have to use it myself again. I’m glad I finally found a product that really works. Have I already said thank you? “
– Peter, Stuttgart, March 2016

After 3 weeks there was no longer any trace of the mole. The product is a real bargain!

“I bought the product 2 months ago. I had two birthmarks and a skin tag, but after 3 weeks there was no trace of the mole and skin tag. The product is a real bargain. I am therefore giving the product 5 stars. “

Silvia, Wolfsberg, March  2015

With your product, the treatment was painless and the mole fell off within 12 days

“Thanks a lot. I have used your product on a mole that has accompanied me for years. However, I couldn’t imagine having the mole cut out and I was told that was the only way. With your product, the treatment was painless and the mole fell off within 12 days. Thanks again. Please do not hesitate to post this message on your website. “

-Ursula, Augsburg, January 2016