In very rare cases, LeaLea cream may have side effects or scars. Exactly the same as for operations at the dermatologist, during lasering or electrocautery. These only affect the treatment spot. The rest of the body remains unaffected since the cream only works on the treatment spot. We want to tell you on this page exactly how you can greatly reduce the probability of side-effects. Apart from that, the inventor Dr. Rolando C. Dela Cruzhas done his best to maximize efficacy while ensuring safe application. As a result, only 100% herbal ingredientswere used for LeaLea, resulting in several international awards. Several scientific studiesconfirm this. Nevertheless, the product is always used on the user’s own responsibility and LeaLea International Limited assumes no liability for any scars or other skin disorders.

What side effects can occur?

  • On sensitive skin areas, such as in the face, neck or chest, short-term redness may occur and the crust (scab / necrosis) may be twice as large as the actual birthmark or mole. Such redness will disappear again within a few hours to a few days.
  • In very rare cases, scarring may occur, the treated area may become inflamed or may become infected. However, this risk also exists during operations at the dermatologist, during laser surgery or during electrocautery. You drastically minimize risk by following our detailed step-by-step instructions. If inflammation forms and begins to wet, normal wound healing is lost. In this case you can apply hydrogel from the pharmacy to the treatment site. Hydrogel cleanses the wound and promotes healing as it moisturizes the wound. Dress the wound at least 3 times daily with sterile compresses or gauze.
  • In most cases, the use of LeaLea cream will result in a minor and temporary blemish. The skin color of the freshly formed skin may appear slightly reddish or pink, but it will return to its natural color within 3 to 6 months. You can improve and accelerate the healing process by applying Vitamin E oil daily after the crust has dropped off.

Who should NOT use the LeaLea cream?

To avoid unnecessary risks in advance, we tell you exactly when the cream should not be used:
  1. Do not use in children under 18 years of age, or in pregnant or nursing women.
  2. Do not use on inflamed, scratched, bleeding moles or lbirthmarks.
  3. Do not use on wolf-marks, stigmas, blood sponges, seborrheal keratoses, pitch-black birthmarks/moles, or moles/birthmarks larger than 2 cm (click here for examples).
  4. People with significant immune system disorders or disorders of the body’s own healing process, such as: excessive scarring, or keloid skin growths should consult a physician before using the product.

How can you drastically minimize possible side effects?

  1. Read the inserted leaflet carefully before use, or read our detailed step-by-step instructions here. This will ensure a correct application.
  2. Do you have any questions? Then write us immediately in the live chat, call us on +49 32 211 001549 or write an e-mail to We are always available for you and will help you as soon as possible!
  3. Never use LeaLea cream in combination with other products or creams or at the same time.
  4. DO NOT treat multiple moles or liver spots simultaneously at first use. DO NOT perform a first-time application on the face. Instead, treat only one birthmark or mole on the hands, feet, torso, or on the back. This will give you security in the application and check that everything goes to your satisfaction.
  5. DO NOT prematurely remove the crust/scab, otherwise you may expect a blemish or scar to result. The crust will fall off by itself within 2-14 days. Therefore, stay patient and protect it from water and intense sunlight.
Can you see that your mole/birthmark is easy to remove and heals nicely if you pay attention to all these points? Should you still be dissatisfied with the results after 3 months, we will refund your money as part of our 90-day money-back guarantee.